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(Source: avtavr, via noxiously). Notes. 51,563 notes. spaceagecyb reblogged this from sadsongsandchocolate · cyberpithecus liked this. midnightglamour  Abstract comics: Alva (for Carsten Nicolai). 27 januari 2014 by Adam.

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The installation reflektor distortion - conceived as a rotating, water-filled basin - is inspired by the shape of a parabolic mirror that 'rotates' water via centrifugal force. Carsten Nicolai is no different. In syn chron, he teamed up with his group of architects to design a one of a kind sound, light, and architectural masterpiece. It’s unthinkable how Carsten Nicolai conceptualized the rarely talked of art. Syn Chron stands as one of the unique artworks from Carsten Nicolai’s α (alpha) pulse all about synchronized light patterns that illuminate the city’s skyline.

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already existing Carsten Nicolai - unidisplay. from studio carsten nicolai Plus . 6 years ago.

Carsten nicolai

Ernesto Neto in Malmö – We Make Money Not Art

Carsten nicolai

Alltid bra  Berlin: Published by Gestalten / Prestel, 2010. 8vo. Heavy hardcover. 312 unpaginated pages. Illustrated, texts in English.

Carsten nicolai

Dependent on the frequency, different patterns of movement appear. This complex phenomenon causes an  Jan 25, 2013 Sound and science converge in Carsten Nicolai's installation work, which perform autonomously to embrace the tension inherent in accidents. Carsten Nicolai (a.k.a noto / alva noto / aleph) is part of an artist generation who works intensively in the transitional area between art and science.
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As a visual  eliminate certain things. In the rare realm of people who have mastered art and music as blended elements, Carsten Nicolai continues to drive creative processes  2015 The Veteran Hour (Short) (as Carsten Nicolai). 2015 0930 Hours (Short) (as Carsten Nicolai).

Click to enlarge German artist Carsten Nicolai has inaugurated his audiovisual installation titled Unidisplay at HangarBicocca in Milan. The 40-meter long piece  Carsten Nicolai - Undisplay.
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He is a composer, known for The Revenant (2015), Future Past Perfect Pt. 02: Cité Radieuse (2012) and Future Past Perfect Pt. 3 (U_08-1) (2011). Carsten Nicolai. wellenwanne lfo. 2012.Metal, glass, acrylic glass, mirror, audio equipment, water, light, sound.

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POLYLIT by Carsten Nicolai Kleiner Schlossplatz square

Room installation, dimensions variable. zone 2007 piezo-pigment print, gilded, sivered and rusty screws, sound system room installation, dimensions variable.

Carsten Nicolai Parallax Symmetry /anglais/allemand: BUSCH

Själv är han utbildad landskapsarkitekt, men arbetar både som  Carsten Nicolai (105 betyg)Jun 4, 2017.

Carsten Nicolai (Karl-Marx-Stadt (ma: Chemnitz), Szászország, NDK (ma: Németország), 1965.