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Nerve supply: Long thoracic nerve. Action: Abductor of the shoulder; Protractor of the scapula; Levator Scapulae: The levator scapulae is located at the back and side of the neck. Its main function is to lift the scapula. Origin: Transverse process of first four cervical vertebra 2013-02-12 · Continuing with our review of human anatomy, we move to the scapula or shoulder blade. The scapula attaches to the body through three articulations: the acromioclavicular joint - attaching the acromion process to the clavicle the scapulothoracic joint - muscular attachment of the scapula to the thorax glenohumeral joint - attaching the humerus to the… The scapula is a flat, triangular shaped bone, positioned on the posterior surface of the thoracic cage, spanning ribs 2-7. At rest, the scapula is rotated relative to the trunk approximately 30 degrees[8, 9]. It is comprised of the scapular body, neck, spine, acromion, glenoid, and coracoid process.

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the shoulder blade. Learn more. Study design: This study used a prospective, single-group repeated-measures design to analyze differences between the electromyographic (EMG) amplitudes produced by exercises for the trapezius and serratus anterior muscles. Objective: To identify high-intensity exercises that elicit the greatest level of EMG activity in the trapezius and serratus anterior muscles. The front of the scapula (also known as the costal or ventral surface) has a broad concavity called the subscapular fossa, to which the subscapularis muscle attaches.

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origin- anterior surface of scapula insertion- anteriorly on humorous joint crossed- shoulder action- rotates arm medially and stabilises joint. infraspinatus Medial surface of coracoid process of the scapula pec minor nerve innervation medial pectoral, with fibers from a communicating branch of the lateral pectoral C6, 7, 8, T1

Main surface of scapula

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Main surface of scapula

The scapula and arm are connected to the body by multiple muscle and ligament attachments. The front of the scapula (acromion) is also connected to the clavicle (collarbone) through the acromioclavicular joint.

Main surface of scapula

Its medial two-thirds give origin to the The superolateral surface of the costal scapula is the coracoid process. The pectoralis minor attaches here, while the coracobrachialis and biceps brachii muscles originate from this projection. Lateral Surface. The lateral surface of the scapula meets the humerus. It is the position of the glenohumeral joint, and of numerous muscle attachments.
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Ett tillägg har ricular Surface of the Ilium: A New Method for the Determination of Adult Skeletal Age. In. I. M.= incisura ischiadica major. Isotonic MVC of knee extensors, abduction of the scapula and downward rotation Rendered 3d surface models without motion (a) and with head motion (b-e). OBS Changes in major diagnosis categories are included in this table. S42, S4210, Fracture of scapula, CC to MCC - S49 has MCC - MCC?, closed fracture?
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As it continues laterally, this spine forms the acromion (the bony high point of the shoulder). The subscapular fossa is on the anterior surface of the scapula. At the lateral angle of the As the Latin origin word “levator” suggests the main action of this muscle is to elevate the scapula.

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At rest, the scapula is rotated relative to the trunk approximately 30 degrees[8, 9]. It is comprised of the scapular body, neck, spine, acromion, glenoid, and coracoid process. Se hela listan på The scapula has a triangular body with three main processes coming off the body. On the posterior side is the spine of the scapula that ends in the acromion process, which articulates with the lateral end of the scapula. 2017-06-24 · Anatomy of scapula 1. ANATOMY OF SCAPULA Vibhuti Nautiyal MPT (Musculoskeletal) 2. ANATOMY Large, flat and triangular bone Placed on the posterolateral aspect of the thoracic cage Has two surfaces, three borders, three angles and three processes 3.

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Given that we know it is the shoulder blade, we know it s somewhere near the shoulder joint. The scapula, a triangular, flat bone, lies on the posterolateral aspect of the thorax, overlying the 2nd to 7th ribs.

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